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'Simple & Safe way to Watermark your PDFs to give them Personal or Professional Touch"

Watermark PDF

How many of you think Watermark is an essential feature for PDFs? Watermark makes a PDF personal by giving them a unique look and feel. It is loved by professionals to display their company logo or name in the background of PDF’s pages. If you want to use the feature for your PDF file, here is “PDF Watermark Program” to install in your system, a simple and useful application.

  • Let you customize your Watermark by adding text or image
  • Set Watermark position according to your choice
  • Change the size and colour of Watermark text
  • Set up the opacity level of the Watermark
  • Capable to add image of JPG, TIFF, PNG etc…
  • Safe to use
  • A Windows based app, work well with XP, Vista, 10 and 8

Key Features to Add Watermark

Free trial of the app is available that you can install.

Add PDF Watermark

Set Watermark for Personalization

If a PDF file is for professional purpose, you will be able to give it a personal touch by setting a background image to the pages of the file. It gives copyright protection to portable documents.


Add PDF Watermark

2 Options to Add Watermark

Users have 2 specific options to add Watermark. They can set Watermark by adding text and adding images.




Add PDF Watermark

Give Custom touch to Text Watermark

The PDF Watermark program allows you to style your text by setting your choice font size, colour and style. You are free to choose any of your comfortable size and colour.



Add PDF Watermark

Customized Images

If you have set an image as a watermark, the application gives permission to resize the image. You can set up any image of your choice as a Watermark. The tool allows you to select logo, company image or any suitable image.


Add PDF Watermark

Set the Position of Text or Image

As per your comfort you can set the position of Watermark. The application gives multiple options like top left, top center, top right, middle top, middle left etc… The text can be displayed vertically or horizontally.


Add PDF Watermark

Set the Opacity

It has an opacity scale that can dark or light the shade of the text or image set as a Watermark. It shows the number. The lighter the shad, the higher the number will be. The darker the shade the lower the number will be.



Add PDF Watermark

Save the Output

Once you have set up the watermark, it's time to preset the output location of your PDF. It could be any location of your choice in the system.




Watermark PDF Screenshots

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